Concerned with our era of destruction, the threat of the climate crisis and the human distress that it entails, I creates figurative sculptures which represent humans and nature in their fragilities and vulnerabilities. I mainly work in miniature, where I create places and universes on a reduced scale. By a game of assembly and combination, I build fictitious worlds, a community of figures who transport its own symbolic charges. The characters in my sculptures become a places of narration and are the representation of individual or collective sensitive experiences.

Clay is my main material. The haptic and immediate aspect with the soil allows me to have a relationship that I consider intimate with the material. The clay reminds me of the earth, fertility and a certain matrix. Indeed, the characters and elements of my sculptures, if they insinuate vulnerability and precariousness, also attempt to suggest an opening, a metamorphosis. If the figures of my works are fragmented or in distress, they are also survivors. We are faced with entities in an intermediate state, between disintegration and resistance. They strive, through their resilience or contact with one another, to bond, to open up and to heal. Tempting to create moving scenes between destruction and creation, I want to represent a humanity, a nature suffering, crumbling, yet alive.